The Niña and Pinta

A man, the sea, and the sky: there’s nothing more elemental and primal than sailing. When you’re on the open ocean, you can really tap into what it must have been like to sail the seven seas during the Age of Discovery. But why sail for a day when you could set sail on a real adventure?

If you want to follow in the footsteps of Christopher Columbus, there is a company that accepts volunteers and job seekers alike to sail on replicas of the Niña and the Pinta. Based out of the British Virgin Islands, the Columbus Foundationruns these replica ships, which travel to numerous ports of call.

You can spend your days educating the public about Columbus and these amazing, functional ships, and spend your nights sailing on the open water. If you’ve never had the chance to stand on the decks of these amazing ships, it’s hard to describe how awe-inspiring the experience truly is.

The ships are smaller than you might have imagined, and it’s humbling to think of how cramped the quarters would have been for the intrepid crews sailing under Columbus’ guidance. Truly, these were some brave men. If you have ever just wanted to drop everything, quit your job, and run away from your problems, sailing the world on replicas of the most famous ships in history is a pretty alluring idea. There is no adventure more thrilling than sailing the high seas.

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