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The Allure of Mercedes 4×4 Vehicles

Posted by Ian Graham on

When you think of the Mercedes name and its vehicles, one of the first feelings is a sense of luxury. If you’re driving around in a Mercedes 4×4 vehicle, there’s not much that can compete in terms of comfort, luxury, and the whole driving experience. There’s a reputation that comes with Mercedes vehicles that doesn’t exist with more common models, and it’s this allure that encouraged 2.3 million people to buy a Mercedes in 2019. For us, this allure only gets stronger for the 4×4 models.

If you haven’t previously seen the Mercedes ‘SUV range’, there are a host of stunning, sleek cars available. This includes:

  • G-Class
  • GLE Coupe
  • GLC Coupe

Why do people fall in love with Mercedes 4×4 vehicles? We’re going to explain some of the reasons here today!


Firstly, it’s hard to ignore the 4MATIC all-wheel-drive system that comes with the majority of SUVs. Integrated with the drivetrain, this clever system works with all the different parts of the vehicle to assess driving conditions. If the road is wet, for example, the vehicle will adjust to offer a supreme grip so that you can have confidence when driving around.

When the road is fairly normal, a center differential will create a balance between front and rear wheels that can be described as sporty and responsive. Under different conditions, like rain or snow, the system kicks in and provides power to wherever it is needed most. This way, even inexperienced drivers have control in every weather condition.

With the 4MATIC system, drivers have help with traction, improved acceleration, fantastic handling, and performance you’re unlikely to forget in a hurry.


For us, the allure of Mercedes 4×4 vehicles also extends to safety. Back towards the end of the 1950s, Mercedes became a leader in crash testing. Ever since this time, they have been at the forefront of automobile safety, and it doesn’t look as though this will change any time soon. Let’s not forget, this is a company that also invented the ABS (anti-lock braking system) for good measure.

If something goes wrong with your Mercedes, there are advanced repair services around like Arrowhead Imports. With experience in this corner of the market, you’ll have your Mercedes back up and running in no time.


We’ve seen the 4MATIC system, but Mercedes seems to innovate in lots of different areas all the time. When it comes to technology in vehicles, not many can compete with the might of Mercedes. Often, other manufacturers look to Mercedes for their breakthroughs and then quickly follow their lead. Mercedes is a leader in innovation both in engineering elements inside the car and in the technology that we see in the dashboard.

Comfort and Enjoyment

Finally, we mentioned it before, but there’s a supreme comfort that comes from driving a Mercedes 4×4 that just doesn’t come with other manufacturers. With the huge selection of vehicles, it’s almost impossible not to find something that matches your needs both in aesthetics and driving style. With a luxurious interior, both you and your passengers won’t want to leave the car even after reaching the destination.

In truth, we could have continued this list to include new green initiatives, the enjoyment that comes from having the beautiful Mercedes logo on the front, the history behind the giant, and the positive customer service. Although some areas may have changed over the years, the priority for Mercedes has always been the customers, and this is part of the allure!