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The Differences Between Natural Terpenes vs. Artificial Flavors

Posted by Ian Graham on
The Differences Between Natural Terpenes vs. Artificial Flavors

Smoking has been a common practice among humans since the beginning of the 16th century. With people becoming more and more conscious of the negative effects of smoking, technology has changed the way people used to smoke. The most advanced form of smoking equipment runs on electricity, comes in different flavors, and is called a vape. 

Vape usually consists of cartridges filled with flavored oils that are evaporated using an electrically heated coil and the vapors are inhaled. Latest studies have suggested that flavored vape cartridges can also affect the lungs in different ways and their use has been banned in many states. 

In this article, we will be comparing the artificial and natural ways of creating flavored vape cartridges. 

Difference Between Natural Terpenes and Artificial Flavours:

The distinctive flavor and taste of cannabis-derived vapes come from an oil that is found in all plants. These oils are called terpenes, they are also responsible for the significant effect that happens after smoking weed. You can find terpenes weed for sale online if you are above a certain age according to your state laws. Creating different flavored vape cartridges involves mixing these terpenes in varied portions to get the desired flavor and effect. Now, terpenes are of two forms organic terpenes and artificial terpenes. 

If you want your vape to taste like berries then organic terpenes are done by mixing terpenes from berry plants with the weed extracts. While the easier way is to formulate a chemical in labs that give the taste like berries and the feel of smoking cannabis. The differences between artificial and organic terpenes are as follows, 

  • Mass production – Organic terpene production requires labor-intensive processes of extracting terpenes from the cannabis plant. A distillate has to be made which should be pure without any solvents or additives. This takes a lot less effort when it is produced in labs by mixing fixed amounts of known chemicals. Also, flavoring requires an experienced mixologist when things are done organically. So because of these reasons organically derived terpenes are not produced in masses but their artificial counterparts are. 
  • More experimentation – In this section also the synthetic terpenes are better as any flavor that a human can taste can be made using artificially derived chemicals and extracts. This allows the production of a wide variety of products that are not that easily available while using organic terpenes. The dosage can also be controlled more accurately in the artificial terpenes, so they are better for meeting the needs of people who are prescribed cannabis for medical reasons.  
  • User safety – Organically derived terpenes are better in this aspect as the chemical alternative might consist of things that a person is allergic to and it can cause inflammations. So, it is recommended whenever you see terpenes weed for sale, check the chemicals that are used in it. 


Both organically derived and artificially derived terpenes have their pros and cons. It is clever to check out your requirements before buying from an online site that provides terpenes weed for sale.